Cranio-Facial Universe and MFMR

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Inspired by the everyday practice Doctor Philippe Harb presents, after twenty years of basic, clinical and radiographics (scanners, MRI), using uniques images and videos by 3D animation :

  •  The CFU is a Platform for Research, Education and Conceptualization ; Anatomy, Function, Dysfunctions , Diagnostics and Treatments masticatory apparatus : Equilibration , prostheses , ODF , occlusodontics , surgery, posturology …logo_CranioFacialUniverse_10062014


The Morpho – Functional Mandibular Rehabilitation

  • From the CFU, subscribe to the formation of a new concept, functional and gnathological, diagnosis and treatment of cranio-Mandibular relationships  : The Morpho – Functional Mandibular Rehabilitation (MFMR).


Concern the dental world

Occlusodontists , orthodontists , dentists , speech therapists, stomatologists , maxillo-facial surgeons , physiotherapists, osteopaths , rheumatologists , otolaryngologists, pediatric …